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About us

ESTUS is an established-by-us, Northern Colorado talent solution and B2B creative network. With over 20 years of combined experience, we’ve helped our clients solve problems through solid brand positioning, clear strategy and purposeful design. We believe that every brand deserves the chance to be amazing and impactful — regardless of the complexity of its market.

Our core values


Each of our team members is dedicated to their craft and yearning for a chance to prove themselves day to day.


We believe quality over quantity will always create the finest outcomes for us as well as our customers.


ESTUS is committed to each and everyone we work with. From the very beginning to the very end we are with you.


We strive for growth in all our endeavors as humans, individual designers & developers and a creative agency as a whole.


A relationship of trust between our clients and ESTUS is just as important to us as the work we are creating for you.


We will not rest until the results, however simple or complicated, are met with complete client satisfaction.

The ESTUS team

Dakotah Intriglia
Projects Director

I specialize in software development, problem-solving, and technical support. I help businesses manage development cycles and leverage technology-based solutions that allow teams to grow and win in the marketplace of ideas.

Greeley, Colorado
Lauren Bratten

I am the lead copywriter for Color Field Content and I enjoy researching and writing about a variety of subjects. When I am not busy writing, I enjoy hanging outdoors, spending time with my family, or drinking an Americano.

Loveland, Colorado
Matt Hawkins
Creative Director

I am a multidisciplinary that helps businesses plan and solve problems through design — solutions crafted through research & prototyping, collaborative conversation, data utilization, and with (most importantly) passion and empathy.

Denver, Colorado
Nathan Brown
Front-End Developer

I'm an experienced front-end developer proficient in programming HTML, JavaScript (JS) and CSS applications. My passion is learning the newest techniques and utilizing that knowledge alongside our teams and clientele.

Denver, Colorado
William Van Cleave

I specialize in branding, strategy, and front-end design, and I love accumulating knowledge on random things. On weekends, I enjoy competing in online gaming tournaments and attending music festivals.

Denver, Colorado

Our partners

AG Photography
Fusion Vine

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